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Skin Care

Ointment, Remedy, Clear Aid, 2.5 oz

ointment remedy
  • Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant: Clear protective moisture barrier that also adheres to wet, macerated skin and allows for easy monitoring. Recommended for use in perineal area and lower extremities to protect against minor skin irritation and dryness.

    Clear-Aid Skin Protectant acts as a protective moisture barrier, while some of its ingredients help absorb excessive moisture away from the skin. Although its primary ingredient is white petrolatum, this ointment also delivers natural oils necessary for skin health, helping re-establish the stratum corneum. With Clear-Aid, you may not need additional skin protectants to address dry and wet skin. This product can be used on any type of skin, from reddened to denuded or macerated skin. Clear-Aid contains safflower seed oil, which helps ease spreading and removal. Skin dragging is minimized. It is ideal for daily use. Active Ingredient: White Petrolatum (50%)Other recommended products: Use a Remedy Cleanser, such as the foaming cleanser or cleansing lotion, then apply Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant. Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, 2.5 oz..


client testimonial

Caris Hospice

Johnson City

Thank you for all you did this weekend to help me and my patients.  You have always been such a pleasure to work with, your help ensured my patients got the care they needed.

client testimonial

Mr. and Mrs. Shell

We would like to encourage the community to support our local home health care business, Health & Home Care of Erwin.  They go the extra mile to help in every way possible and give each patient friendly and personal care.

Unlike other larger home-health companies that use an answering machine to direct calls, each call is answered personally and professionally.  When they make a home visit, they always call ahead to confirm the time and are never late.  Their greatest concern is for the health of their patients, not what other services they can sell.

We have worked with the kind people at Health & Home Care of Erwin for several years and feel as if they are part of the family.  This is a good and caring company and we would encourage everyone to give them a try; you will like them as much as we do.

client testimonial

This is just a simple note to convey my heartfelt thank you for the service you have given me.  In this day and time it is not often that a business will go the “extra mile” to serve their customers.  Everyone there has been more than kind, considerate, and patient with me under some very trying conditions.  Simple words fail me to express how much I really appreciate each and everyone of you, from Brian to the nice young man who delivered my chair, to the wonderful kind lad that was always helpful and sincere when I would call.  Your products and service have changed my life!  Again thank you!!!

client testimonial

Robert Sahli

I am writing to publicly thank Mrs. Shelley Bailey for truly showing what quality customer care and service is all about.  I have suffered with Sleep Apnea for many years, and have been using a machine supplied and maintained by Health and Homecare to help me breathe and sleep better.  My wife and I recently vacationed in Lincoln, Nebraska, when my machine showed signs of trouble, I called to advise Shelley of my predicament.  Instead of being asked to wait until we returned, no, she promised to overnight a new replacement machine.  At 3 pm they got it to the post office and I picked it up the next afternoon at our motel.  The promised customer service is still alive!  Thank you and God Bless you of Health and Homecare!  You’re worth your weight in gold!!!

Thank you for the prompt delivery!

client testimonial

Well, what can I say but “Thanks again!”  Ellie is doing pretty good with the powerchair, but still bumps into things here and there.  Hopefully she will catch on in a few days.  She was a little depressed before it came thinking it was going to make her feel like a real invalid, but once she started driving it around it was like she got her freedom back and you couldn’t get her out of it!  But, the important thing is that with the special cushion it is very comfortable for her.  It supports her perfectly and she spent quite a bit of time in it today with no discomfort at all.  It’s a miracle!

client testimonial

Thank you all for the money and clothes for Teffany.  I am very grateful for your help and I will never forget your kindness.  God Bless you all!

client testimonial

Our family could never thank you enough for all your help getting the new nebulizer.  My son needs treatments at school and we could not afford another machine.  Lucas is extremely active and this machine will ensure he can continue to be!  I pray that God will bless you and your family and keep you safe.  Thanks again!

client testimonial

Just wanted to say thank you for bringing the hospital bed so quick and setting it up for my mother.  You were really nice to us and we really appreciated it.


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